Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Coming of Darkness

Luak shone down on Guanote'ela, which grew under his gaze. In the rich matter of First Child grew many things, and first and greatest of all was a shining white egg. From this hatched Drulzekka, ancestress of the Four Tribes of the Drulzekki, her chosen people who grew from the eggs of her unions with the Four Sons, each tribe bearing the form of its mother and the personality of its father.

Other races and beings also grew from the rich matter of Luak's First Child, not least the dwarfs and trolls who revelled in the dark substance of the land, and the elves who tended the plants that the Drulzekki fed upon. Least of all of the races was that of Man, the slave-race, cursed with the inability to swim or fly, whose gangly hide was unaddorned with the beautiful plumage of Luak's Chosen.

It was during this golden age that Umatathoa was seduced by the Earth Witch, a powerful daughter of First Child whose magics permeated Guanote'ela. Their child was called Orlok the Stormfire, who lay with his mother and fostered the embers of rebellion in Man. It was thus also in Man that grew the sins of pride and greed in the riches of Guanote'ela, which took semblance and form in the being of the Golden Man, a slave who called himself Emperor.

Though Orlok, the Golden Man and the Earth Witch frequently bickered, they were united in their opposition to the Drulzekki. They united with the False-Tongued Troll King and fought against Luak's Chosen, so that the First and Greatest Sun wept tears of fire that corruscated the land. Finally Umatathoa cast his son, Orlok Stormfire, up at the sun, and so doing sheared off Luak's burning wings, so that the Cosmic Wanderer plummeted to Guanote'ela and fell deep into the matter of being.

With their spite and treachery, those who would become known as theDarkbringers then buried Luak's burning form under mountains of dark earth, so that the Fire and Light was trapped and extinguished to His Chosen. Thus Darkness enshrouded creation, and bereft of the light of Luak the Void squirmed at the thing that existed within it, and rose against Guanote'ela.

The Drulzekki were splintered, and faced their greatest test. It was in their failure to unite on the true path that their race was sundered, and cast down from its exalted state. With the fall and maiming of Luak they had lost the power of flight, and were presented with the choice: did they turn to fight Chaos, as even the Darkbringers were doing, or did they attempt to free Luak and restore his glory?