Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Ducks and the whole Gbaji-Nysalor issue...

Ducks often have a different take on the whole Gbaji issue. You see, early on, they tried to understand the situation, they really did. Perplexed looking faces, bills turned up in painful-looking contemplation, plates of grubs left uneaten. They really made an effort.

And then it hit them. You're all taking the p*%$.

After all, have you ever seen a Duck trying to enunciate the word 'Gbaji'? The poor fellows just can't get their bills around it. They half cough up their innards trying to manage the syllables, break out into a sweat and still only manage 'Kwaaaazhi'.

As far as they're concerned, this is one big joke all the humans, trolls etc. have made, and they're the butt of it. You got drunk, and came up with a word the Ducks can't say without tying themselves in knots. See, you're all trying now, and they ain't falling for it.

Mention the word Gbaji and a Duck will probably glare at you, his neck will shorten, he'll bury his head in his breast feathers, sending furtive fiery glances around the room, just to see if anyone is sniggering. If you ask him his opinion, he'll apologize and dash off to spend a penny.

Of course, this has the corollary that as soon as you say the word Gbaji, that shifty Duck in the party looks like he has something to hide...

(Originally posted on the Glorantha Digest, 7 August 2003.)