Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Durulz Toad-Rider (c. 1628)

F. A sketch of a Durulz Valley Toad-Rider (c. 1628). Mounted atop one of the fabled Giant Swamp Toads of the Upland Marsh (albeit a smaller member of the species), this cavalrydrake represents one of the rarer and more peculiar brands of durulz warrior. Most ducks fight on 'foot' (such as it is) amid the local wetlands, and mounted forces are rare. Giant Swamp Toads provide a rapid (if juddery) method of deployment, and are valued as scouts and shock-troops. The carnivorous toads are vicious and hard to control, and must be captured and trained with care. The duck attempts--often by way of a lengthy process--to direct the beast using his mahout's whipstick, and for extra safety is secured to the saddle by his thick leather belt. His accoutrements are typical of a durulz warrior: his armour comprises a bronze-plate shoulder-mantle, mail vest and Type IIIb mollusc-helm with mail neck-guard; and he wields a long pennanted lance. Most usually carry a heavy, single-edged duckish falcata-style sword in addition. The feathered back-banner is an expression of personal glory and battlefield communication.

(Originally posted on World of Glorantha, 10 December 2007.)