Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Fall of Zlalok Zorn

The greatest warrior of the Drulzekki was Zlalok Zorn, the First Son. At first he fought Chaos, driven by strife and violence, glorifying in the primal contest. As the battle raged, the Darkbringers realised the error of their ways, but instead of seeking to repent their injustice to Luak, they elected to place the Golden Man in the sky as the Second and Lesser Sun, who shone with false pride, and could never match the radiance of Him.

When Zlalok Zorn saw the Golden Man climb upon his false throne in the sky, he was consumed with rage. Some claim that in his anger he was overcome by the Chaos that he had so recently fought, falling to the great evil of theVoid. Climbing to the very top of the mountain that entombed Luak, he leapt into the sky, and with one stroke slew his brother Umatathoa, and stole his winds, granting for himself and his followers the power of flight, which all other Drulzekki had lost.

Then Zlalok Zorn rose into the sky with his companions to face the Golden Man himself. His foe's fire was fuelled by hubris, but was still powerful, and burned off all of Zlalok's feathers, leaving him clad only in his disfigured, leathery hide. Yet he struck too, and wounded the Golden Man, so that the False Sun fled in pain to the west, falling from the sky. There he hides under the earth, tended by the poultices Earth Witch, until he can gather the strength to rise again.

Zlalok Zorn took his companions, the First Tribe, to the Gates of Dawn in the far east. There they await the Golden Man's attempt to reclaim his usurped throne every morn, and Zlalok Zorn rises to fight him in eternal battle. Each day the Golden Man is wounded, and though he shines down upon creation for a time, he has but only half the kingdom of Luak. Zlalok Zorn's followers became the Zorns (or Sorns), vicious warriors of the Eastern Isles who continue their progenitor's battle.