Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Durulz Royal Guard (c. 1582)

K. Durulz royal guard (c. 1582). The durulz revere Sartar as if he were one of their own, and the bond between the Duck Tribe and the heroic Founder's Royal House has always been close. Many durulz warriors have given oaths of service to Sartar's kin and, though lacking the fame of such later groups as the Household of Death, have served with diligence and duty.

The skalds sing that several durulz fought and died under Tarkalor's banner at the Battle of Grizzly Peak (1582). It is unknown whether this particular figure, annotated as a 'royal guard' in the records, served as guard to the Duck Tribe's king, or the King of Sartar himself. Though his panoply might indicate the latter (see below), there is a strong tradition of self-identification with the Sartar cultus among durulz kings, and none can be sure.

The drake pictured is well-armed and armoured. He wears a hauberk and coif of bronze mail, reinforced with a mantle of leather and bronze. The finely tooled mollusc-helm is of the Type Ia variety, with a gold eye- and beak-guard. The shield is of the round, heroic form, plated with bronze and decorated with the rune of Sartar. The brightly coloured feathers are symbols of pomp and pride. Bronze greaves adorn the legs. The wavy-headed river-spear is tipped with rare iron, and supplemented with a double-edged, thrusting durulz groin-sword.

(Originally posted on ImmoderateGloranthaQuest, 15 December 2007.)