Thursday, 20 December 2007

Raymondo Montequackoli

On a slightly less serious note (see, this is my problem: no bugger can tell the difference), here is the narrative of Raymondo Montequackoli ("War is an extension of Myth through military means." Yes, I know that wasn't Montecuccoli's). Created, sadly, when I was reading far too much early modern military theory. Nevermind. Though I did have fun naming the gaggle of Gloranthan theoreticians he crossed swords with: Friedarkos Billow, Henri the Lewd, Jorganos Bear-in-harst, Hendrengard Shornhorse, Karos Closedwits, Alebush Leafhelm, Enki Show-My-Knee and Bereneb Woadlee, among others. See how many you can get (some you have to say quite quickly...).

Raymondo Montequackoli moved from the Quinpolic League to Esrolia when he was a duckling. He was soon thrust into war, becoming a distinguished captain in the Esrolian cavalry, if largely unable to read maps. At Bulding Wall he saved the life of young Queen Irminga, gaining her patronage (and more, some whisper…). Badly wounded at that battle, he turned to military scholarship and the teachings of Bardan. He is now Learned Disputator in the Operational Application of Myth in Theory and Practice at the University of Nochet, and noted for his rivalry with other academics and his sideline as a bon vivant. By turns raucously jesting and choleric, he keeps trim with his early morning constitutional.

Actually, I've somewhat rescued Montequackoli. (Well, attempted to at any rate. Caveat editor...) Rather than the above, I rendered him the literary creation of an NPC I wrote-up for Martin Hawley, in Pasos, who was

"... author of the supposedly autobiographical tales of Rymondos duMontequackoli, a half-beast knight of Rokar from the barbaric east. To their eager readership they are a witty satire upon Seshnelan Rokarism, and Guilmarn and Theoblanc in particular; to others they are a rambling collection of fatuous, weakly plotted adventures interspersed with lewd erotica."

Fingers crossed...