Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Terror of the Teal Tongs!

Actually, I'm quite interested in the presence of small groups of expatriate keets in Esrolia, the Rightarm Islands, Teshnos and the like, especially since the seas have effectively Opened and trade develops. I think there is much room for colour and, in such a situation, I have a conceit that it might be natural for such birdfolk to unite in mutual protective and entrepreneurial societies (coated with a pulp veneer) -- Eastern Isles keet tongs.

Such organisations might help satisfy many avian tendencies, and adopt nomenclature that centres on the appropriate collective noun, e.g. the Black Grub Sord, the Radiant Feathers Falling Sedge, the Leaping Winds Raft, the Three Wave Unkindness, the Crimson Petal Stand, the Lilac Mountain Mob, the Reaching Ronin Colony (guess what they are...) and the Aggressive Kettle.

Now, many keets have by-and-large proven immune to the level of vituperation often directed at the ducks of Dragon Pass. Intimations of their (myth-)culture seem to promote ideals of serene nobility and fluent grace; of a bearing and dignity that is somewhat beyond the hobbling durulz bandit, with his preference for Humakt and large swords being little more than some homo-erotic penile-extensive insecurity complex.

Yet whatever its graceful refinement, this avian culture is literally inhuman, with concepts of 'ownership' of property, freedom of action and protection of the nest that might differ considerably from even the anarchic Orlanthi's concepts of propriety. I wonder if such 'noble avian tendencies' actually translate into human terms of culture as some of the most rapacious, vengeful, criminal and kleptomaniacal bastards around? Terror of the Teal Tongs!

(Originally posted on the Glorantha Digest, 3 February 2006.)