Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Durulza Dentata, the Many-Mawed Mother

This hideous figure has been given such labels as Durulza Dentata, The Devourer and The Many-Mawed Mother among others, but to the durulz is largely ineffable. It is one of the greatest demons of durulz myth, and reckoned by some mythographers akin to Gorgorma and other, deepest horrors of the Earth cults. Indeed, its striking rune has a cognate form. There are certain details in the mythology, however, that perhaps speculate upon an even more terrible heritage.

The iconography of this demon is handled with great caution in durulz society. It is most commonly used by the various Earth-based mystery cults present among the durulz; particularly among hens who seek to draw power from its aspects of slaughter and retribution. Rites are rumoured to include ceremonial murder, cannibalism and ovicide. Those durulz heroes brave enough to display it upon their shields nevertheless do so with some trepidation.

(Originally posted on ImmoderateGloranthaQuest, 19 December 2007.)