Thursday, 20 December 2007

Lucius Ptarmiganus

Lucius Ptarmiganus was the second duck character I created for Hero Wars. (The first was Popoquackapetl the volcano-priest... probably best not to bring him up at the moment.) He was the first real output of my fascination with the potential of Lunar ducks. Here's his HeroQuest narrative:

Lucius the Heortling durulz was brutally teased as a duckling for his clubflipper and stammer. Excluded from pondgames, he took lonely walks through the Upland Marsh, dreaming of winning battles, approval and glory. Seeking inclusion, he did not flee when the Moon Warriors came, but embraced the Lunar Way. He fell head-over-flippers in love with JarEel the Razoress, who innocently gifted the besotted Sedenyite a lock of her hair. A devotee of Yanafal Tarnils, Lucius’ thoughts on marshland operations and tactics proved quite profound, leading to a commission in the Blue Dragoons, and his loyal Pelandan squad are quick to defend their officer from anatidaephobic comrades.

Poor sod.