Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Ducks of Caladraland, Part the Second; The Drulzek Creation Myth

What follows are the central creation myths, as told by the Caladran tribe. They're just meant to exist in that context. Hopefully they show a body of durulz myth on its own terms, and perhaps indicate how I think the ducks can possess a variety of views on these matters, as humans can.

For the God Learners out there it mimics many things (not least mainstream Caladran mythology), but goes its own way on others. It is a revised version of a slightly more conversational and humorous attempt placed on Lokarnos.

[Thanks for the note, Benedict and Jane! In hindsight this myth also, incidentally -- and accidentally, more's the point -- supports the hypothesis that the ducks might have been astronauts, whose spaceship was crossing the galaxy when it developed problems, burst into flame and crashed on a new world... and is perhaps buried beneath the Vent. At least that's what von Daeniken would have said. Erm, this is going in a direction I hadn't really intended...]


In the beginning, before Myth or Time, Luak the Great Cosmic Wanderer flew across the Infinite Void. He had grown hungry during his timeless migration,and out of such hunger grew in thought and form His first great creation: the spark of Preordial Fire. It burned enticing in light and lustre, consumed and consuming as was Luak's hunger, and He devoured its power until the fire became the fuel, and the fuel the fire, merged as one.

The Preordial Fire roared through His belly, and from its spent waste coalesced the great realm known as Guanote'ela, First Child, abob in theVoid and above which Luak circled and flew. Though all but a part of the first form of Fire had departed, its power remained, and a great conflagration grew within Luak's body. His feathers sweated lavic blood, and in so doing gave birth to the First Son, Zlalok Zorn, the manifestation of Strife and Violence.

Still the inferno grew, and Luak cried his great call across the Void, his breathing oscillating rapidly as he blew out the burning winds of his Second Son, the Wind, blustery Umatathoa. Yet still the burning inside would not abate, and drew great salty tears to his eyes, which gushed over Guanote'ela as Klolak the Sea, the Third Son.

Then a great irritation and itching befell His beak, and Luak sneezed ou tthe small, remaining portion of the Preordial Fire as Kwala'ikki the Mischief-Maker, Fourth and Final Son. Finally Luak could take no more, and His entire form burst into flame, illuminating all as the First and Greatest Sun.