Thursday, 20 December 2007

*That* Monograph

It has been asked, gentle reader, whether this correspondent might place at his public's perusal a certain monograph of his own humble authorship. Written two years ago, this particular piece of social inquiry is noted for its interest in the more prurient and narcotic elements of the Gloranthan experience, though written with the expertise of a true scholar and not some licentious popinjay. It had originally been intended for volumes that did not come to fruition; aghast, this correspondent had satisfied himself that his work would be for naught. By curious happenstance, however, a copy was placed before the benighted savages of the World of Glorantha. Though this correspondent does not believe that his current readership, anymore than the beings of WoG, is possessed of the necessary erudition to appreciate its merits, in whole or in part, he is nevertheless dutybound to accede to the whims of his public.

Therefore, he is honoured to present said monograph for public perusal.